Hijinks in Helsinki Finale!

Happy Monday!!  I’m getting back into the swing of things now that I’m home in Brooklyn, after being away on a West Coast tour for most of August.  Today I met a dear friend for lunch in the East Village, ate delicious vegan food at Caravan of Dreams and now I’m feeling revitalized and excited to keep doing what I love.

I’m super excited to share with you the last episode of the Hijinks In Helsinki series I made with nordic beauty LouLou D’vil earlier this year.  We had so much fun making this!

I’m going to spend the rest of the summer editing photos from all the fun shoots I’ve done recently, some of me, but many more of NYC performers.  I’m also busy booking my touring schedule for the month of October, with bookings so far in Alaska, Iowa, Seattle and more to be announced.

Enjoy the last week of August! I’m hoping to make it out to the beach before summer’s end, fingers crossed!



Tour’s End

I’m enjoying the last couple days of tour in the Pacific Northwest, chilling with my sister and her family, with one more show left before heading back to NYC on Wednesday.  If you happen to be in the Seattle area tomorrow, come say hi and see me perform with a live band at Tuesday Tease!  I’ve been a busy bee out here, getting in much-needed hang time with friends and family, and also did a drastic hair colour change!  It’s time for a break from red, we’ll see how long it lasts!  I’m loving my new brunette and blonde though, still not used to seeing it in the mirror.  Thanks so much to Karen Mantell for helping me go back to an old favourite! I think the last time I had my hair like this was around 2004!

Photo by Al Smith this month in Secrets In Lace lingerie.

Photo by Al Smith this month in Secrets In Lace lingerie.

2004 Coquette Faux Furriers shot

2004 Coquette Faux Furriers shot

Right after getting my hair done, I booked a series of photoshoots, first with Al Smith in Victoria, wearing some of my favourite Secrets In Lace lingerie, and Bernie Dexter clothing.  Then I headed over to Vancouver to teach my Pin-Up Class, and stayed a few days longer there so I could shoot with Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection at Lace Embrace Atelier in their fabulous corsets.

I also made some fun videos with my friends Lily Fawn and Virginia Newton-Moss, which I will be sharing here in the weeks to come.  All this traveling and cavorting means I haven’t had time to edit more videos, too busy making them!  To make up for it, this week I’ll be sharing a couple oldies but goodies with you, from the video archives.




This first one is one of the first studio Glamour Films I made, starring LouLou D’vil in a lovely Bernie Dexter skirt.

This other video is a fun one I made with a little help from Jonathan Joffe who also made Burlesque Assassins the movie.  This one stars an international cast, with Las Vegas’ Ms. Redd, British bombshell Banbury Cross, Finland’s LouLou D’vil and The Baron, and little ole me from Canada!

Ok, now it’s time to shut down the laptop and soak in a little more of this west coast summer!  Have a great week!

Two-for Tuesday!

To make up for not posting last week, and my lateness this week, I’ll post two videos for you today!  This summer has sure got underway and carried me off with it.  Last week I was busy getting ready for my trip to Canada, and this week I’m trying to relax a bit at my parents house (or more like get chastised every time they see me working when I’m supposed to be on vacation so I have to sneak in computer time).  Also I’m dealing with amazing West Coast sunsets like this business:

Mayne IslandNot too shabby, and really worth unplugging from life for a little bit.  Regardless, a promise is a promise, so here is a video I made of my dear friend Francine The Lucid Dream, frolicking in her bunny suit in Manhattan.

Before I tuck into some homemade blackberry pie and watch the Vikings series and bask in Nordic pride with Mum and Dad, here’s an oldie but goodie of LouLou D’vil and I at my old pin-up studio.

Have a great week!  Hope your August is sensational!

Bettina the Naughty Teacher!

Whoo-eeee!!  What a busy weekend!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday, and only for a few more minutes, so I’m really cutting it close in getting this up!  As promised, here is this week’s video, shot by my dear friend Lily Fawn in a vintage school house in Seattle, WA when we were on tour together last year.

BettinaUrbo2I usually have Mondays off, unless I’m doing my monthly show at Beauty Bar, but tonight I was performing at a special even in Times Square, for the opening of a new restaurant called Urbo!  I got to perform with the lovely and talented Veronica Varlow, dancing for a wonderful crowd while DJ Questlove played the best music! It’s one of those nights where you can really appreciate living in New York City.

BettinaUrbo This month has been a busy one, and this week is no exception.  Tomorrow I’m performing at Victrola Burlesque with Ula Uberbusen and Legs Malone, so if you are in the Lower East Side, pop over to Hill & Dale on Allen and Delancey after 9:30 for a free show and really nice cocktails and food. On Friday I’m performing twice, first at Hotel Chantelle at 10pm, and then up at The Metropolitan Room for The Sophisticates!    Check out my website for more details on these and all other shows.

More Vintage Video Fun with LouLou D’vil!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  I went upstate for a family barbecue and rode my bike around north Brooklyn with friends, generally getting my fair share of vitamin D!  After that long, cold winter, I’m not taking summer for granted one bit this year.

As promised, here’s another installment of the vintage video fun I had with LouLou D’vil in Helsinki earlier this year!  Us nordic gals always find some way to stay warm! For the record, LouLou gives a great foot massage.

If you like these videos and want to see more, feel free to use the ‘Tip Jar’ feature on Vimeo, all funds will go towards better video equipment, music procurement, and of course making more videos!  If you are a model or performer who would like to be in a video, please get in touch!  If you are a band making music that might fit with future videos (60s Garage and 20s jazz are my favourites), let me know too!

If you are in New York City this week, I’d love to see you out this Wednesday to help me celebrate band leader Dandy Wellington‘s birthday!  Fellow burlesque performer Perle Noire and I will be unveiling OUR birthday suits for the occasion, and it is guaranteed to be a great time!


For this and all other events around town this week, check out my calendar for more info!

I also have a bunch of classes coming up on the West Coast next month.  If you live in Victoria, Vancouver or Seattle, and love pin-up style, I’ll be sharing all my style secrets and giving makeovers and photoshoots there in August.


For dates, info and to register, visit PInUpClass.com!

Have a lovely week, and see you next Monday for more video fun!





Thigh High Boots and Fully Fashioned Stockings!

As promised, here’s another video to start your week off right!  This one is a tribute to the old Klaw family videos of Bettie Page, which I shot myself in my Brooklyn Pin-Up Studio.  Nothing I love more than sliding a new pair of patent heeled boots over my silky Secrets In Lace stockings; it feels amazing.  Thanks to The Sandworms for providing the perfect soundtrack!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, whether you were celebrating the Fourth of July in America, or Canada Day on the 1st, or just enjoying the beginning of July! Let me know what you got up to!  I performed all week at parties around New York City and Brooklyn.  Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of the shows:

Backstage at Nurse Bettie with fellow Canadian ex-pat Minx Arcana, both proud to call the USA home now!

Backstage at Nurse Bettie with fellow Canadian ex-pat Minx Arcana, both proud to call the USA home now!

At the Rockabilly Night Market, giving Dances of Vice producer Shien Lee a 30 minute updo! Love my Bernie Dexter dress!

At the Rockabilly Night Market, giving Dances of Vice producer Shien Lee a 30 minute updo! Love my Bernie Dexter dress!

Backstae at the Rockabilly Night Market on July 4th with pin-up superstar Raquel Reed and Shien Lee, all ready for my Sailor Tap act!

Backstage at the Rockabilly Night Market on July 4th with pin-up superstar Raquel Reed and Shien Lee, all ready for my Sailor Tap act!

Do you have any cool pictures of your holiday exploits?  I’d love to see them!

If you’re in New York City tonight, come out to see me perform LIVE at Beauty Bar, my free monthly show starts at 10pm in the back room, and this show features Miami beauty Aurora Natrix in town on tour!


Next week, I’ll be posting another installment of the videos LouLou D’vil and I did in Helsinki!  Don’t miss it!





Bettina May and LouLou D’vil: Hijinks in Helsinki!

Another week, another video!  Earlier in March, while on tour performing in Europe, I made a special stop in Finland to visit my best friend LouLou D’vil.  Whenever we get together, shenanigans ensue, and after busy days in the arctic sunshine ice skating, exploring her nordic hometown, and heating up in the sauna, we decided to let the camera roll so you could see what we get up to when left alone.

I love the sexy heart cut-out panties I’m wearing in the video, which I had just scored in Brussels earlier in the tour from darling designer Mademoiselle Jean.  Wish I’d had room in my suitcase to take more of her designs home, so unique! Here I am at her shop, my favourite stop in the tour her and Alex gave me of their fair city.


Special thanks to Italian garage rockers Sultan Bathery for letting me use their song “River Raw.”  Stay tuned next week for a new video!


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