Merry Christmas! Biblical Burlesque!

Photo by Francine Daveta

Photo by Francine Daveta

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I hope you have a day filled with the magic of the season, filled with quality time with family, friends and loved ones, and of course, eating too much good food and relaxing! Yesterday my dear friend Joshua Katcher taught me how to make my fave Jewish treat, rugelach, with a family recipe he’s veganized!  So delicious. Now that my Christmas baking is all done,  it’s time for me to sit back and stuff myself!

I will be working off that delicious baking by attempting ice skating for the first time in MANY years today…now that my giant bruise from learning to ski earlier this month has finally faded.  This has been my year for learning winter sports, we’ll see how successful that is, ha!  To see pictures of my vintage ski suit, find me on Instagram: @Bettina_May

I’ll leave you with a video of my live performance with One World Symphony earlier this fall.  Nothing is more (in)appropriate for the holidays than a burlesque interpretation of the bible’s story of Samson and Delilah, set to Saint-Saëns Danse Bacchanale!  Happy Holidays!


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