More Vintage Video Fun with LouLou D’vil!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  I went upstate for a family barbecue and rode my bike around north Brooklyn with friends, generally getting my fair share of vitamin D!  After that long, cold winter, I’m not taking summer for granted one bit this year.

As promised, here’s another installment of the vintage video fun I had with LouLou D’vil in Helsinki earlier this year!  Us nordic gals always find some way to stay warm! For the record, LouLou gives a great foot massage.

If you like these videos and want to see more, feel free to use the ‘Tip Jar’ feature on Vimeo, all funds will go towards better video equipment, music procurement, and of course making more videos!  If you are a model or performer who would like to be in a video, please get in touch!  If you are a band making music that might fit with future videos (60s Garage and 20s jazz are my favourites), let me know too!

If you are in New York City this week, I’d love to see you out this Wednesday to help me celebrate band leader Dandy Wellington‘s birthday!  Fellow burlesque performer Perle Noire and I will be unveiling OUR birthday suits for the occasion, and it is guaranteed to be a great time!


For this and all other events around town this week, check out my calendar for more info!

I also have a bunch of classes coming up on the West Coast next month.  If you live in Victoria, Vancouver or Seattle, and love pin-up style, I’ll be sharing all my style secrets and giving makeovers and photoshoots there in August.


For dates, info and to register, visit!

Have a lovely week, and see you next Monday for more video fun!






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