Bettina the Naughty Teacher!

Whoo-eeee!!  What a busy weekend!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday, and only for a few more minutes, so I’m really cutting it close in getting this up!  As promised, here is this week’s video, shot by my dear friend Lily Fawn in a vintage school house in Seattle, WA when we were on tour together last year.

BettinaUrbo2I usually have Mondays off, unless I’m doing my monthly show at Beauty Bar, but tonight I was performing at a special even in Times Square, for the opening of a new restaurant called Urbo!  I got to perform with the lovely and talented Veronica Varlow, dancing for a wonderful crowd while DJ Questlove played the best music! It’s one of those nights where you can really appreciate living in New York City.

BettinaUrbo This month has been a busy one, and this week is no exception.  Tomorrow I’m performing at Victrola Burlesque with Ula Uberbusen and Legs Malone, so if you are in the Lower East Side, pop over to Hill & Dale on Allen and Delancey after 9:30 for a free show and really nice cocktails and food. On Friday I’m performing twice, first at Hotel Chantelle at 10pm, and then up at The Metropolitan Room for The Sophisticates!    Check out my website for more details on these and all other shows.


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