Two-for Tuesday!

To make up for not posting last week, and my lateness this week, I’ll post two videos for you today!  This summer has sure got underway and carried me off with it.  Last week I was busy getting ready for my trip to Canada, and this week I’m trying to relax a bit at my parents house (or more like get chastised every time they see me working when I’m supposed to be on vacation so I have to sneak in computer time).  Also I’m dealing with amazing West Coast sunsets like this business:

Mayne IslandNot too shabby, and really worth unplugging from life for a little bit.  Regardless, a promise is a promise, so here is a video I made of my dear friend Francine The Lucid Dream, frolicking in her bunny suit in Manhattan.

Before I tuck into some homemade blackberry pie and watch the Vikings series and bask in Nordic pride with Mum and Dad, here’s an oldie but goodie of LouLou D’vil and I at my old pin-up studio.

Have a great week!  Hope your August is sensational!


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