Tour’s End

I’m enjoying the last couple days of tour in the Pacific Northwest, chilling with my sister and her family, with one more show left before heading back to NYC on Wednesday.  If you happen to be in the Seattle area tomorrow, come say hi and see me perform with a live band at Tuesday Tease!  I’ve been a busy bee out here, getting in much-needed hang time with friends and family, and also did a drastic hair colour change!  It’s time for a break from red, we’ll see how long it lasts!  I’m loving my new brunette and blonde though, still not used to seeing it in the mirror.  Thanks so much to Karen Mantell for helping me go back to an old favourite! I think the last time I had my hair like this was around 2004!

Photo by Al Smith this month in Secrets In Lace lingerie.

Photo by Al Smith this month in Secrets In Lace lingerie.

2004 Coquette Faux Furriers shot

2004 Coquette Faux Furriers shot

Right after getting my hair done, I booked a series of photoshoots, first with Al Smith in Victoria, wearing some of my favourite Secrets In Lace lingerie, and Bernie Dexter clothing.  Then I headed over to Vancouver to teach my Pin-Up Class, and stayed a few days longer there so I could shoot with Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection at Lace Embrace Atelier in their fabulous corsets.

I also made some fun videos with my friends Lily Fawn and Virginia Newton-Moss, which I will be sharing here in the weeks to come.  All this traveling and cavorting means I haven’t had time to edit more videos, too busy making them!  To make up for it, this week I’ll be sharing a couple oldies but goodies with you, from the video archives.




This first one is one of the first studio Glamour Films I made, starring LouLou D’vil in a lovely Bernie Dexter skirt.

This other video is a fun one I made with a little help from Jonathan Joffe who also made Burlesque Assassins the movie.  This one stars an international cast, with Las Vegas’ Ms. Redd, British bombshell Banbury Cross, Finland’s LouLou D’vil and The Baron, and little ole me from Canada!

Ok, now it’s time to shut down the laptop and soak in a little more of this west coast summer!  Have a great week!


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