Thigh High Boots and Fully Fashioned Stockings!

As promised, here’s another video to start your week off right!  This one is a tribute to the old Klaw family videos of Bettie Page, which I shot myself in my Brooklyn Pin-Up Studio.  Nothing I love more than sliding a new pair of patent heeled boots over my silky Secrets In Lace stockings; it feels amazing.  Thanks to The Sandworms for providing the perfect soundtrack!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, whether you were celebrating the Fourth of July in America, or Canada Day on the 1st, or just enjoying the beginning of July! Let me know what you got up to!  I performed all week at parties around New York City and Brooklyn.  Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of the shows:

Backstage at Nurse Bettie with fellow Canadian ex-pat Minx Arcana, both proud to call the USA home now!

Backstage at Nurse Bettie with fellow Canadian ex-pat Minx Arcana, both proud to call the USA home now!

At the Rockabilly Night Market, giving Dances of Vice producer Shien Lee a 30 minute updo! Love my Bernie Dexter dress!

At the Rockabilly Night Market, giving Dances of Vice producer Shien Lee a 30 minute updo! Love my Bernie Dexter dress!

Backstae at the Rockabilly Night Market on July 4th with pin-up superstar Raquel Reed and Shien Lee, all ready for my Sailor Tap act!

Backstage at the Rockabilly Night Market on July 4th with pin-up superstar Raquel Reed and Shien Lee, all ready for my Sailor Tap act!

Do you have any cool pictures of your holiday exploits?  I’d love to see them!

If you’re in New York City tonight, come out to see me perform LIVE at Beauty Bar, my free monthly show starts at 10pm in the back room, and this show features Miami beauty Aurora Natrix in town on tour!


Next week, I’ll be posting another installment of the videos LouLou D’vil and I did in Helsinki!  Don’t miss it!






Bettina May and LouLou D’vil: Hijinks in Helsinki!

Another week, another video!  Earlier in March, while on tour performing in Europe, I made a special stop in Finland to visit my best friend LouLou D’vil.  Whenever we get together, shenanigans ensue, and after busy days in the arctic sunshine ice skating, exploring her nordic hometown, and heating up in the sauna, we decided to let the camera roll so you could see what we get up to when left alone.

I love the sexy heart cut-out panties I’m wearing in the video, which I had just scored in Brussels earlier in the tour from darling designer Mademoiselle Jean.  Wish I’d had room in my suitcase to take more of her designs home, so unique! Here I am at her shop, my favourite stop in the tour her and Alex gave me of their fair city.


Special thanks to Italian garage rockers Sultan Bathery for letting me use their song “River Raw.”  Stay tuned next week for a new video!

New Glamour Film with Sake Fevah!

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer and warm weather, than with this smoking hot video of sassy burlesque performer Sake Fevah!

Special thanks to Casey Ryder from Victoria BC for letting me use his song, Twinkie.  I’ve been a big fan of his music since LONG before I started performing, so it’s great to collaborate in this way.  If you are a musician creating original vintage style music who would like to collaborate on future videos, let me know!

Now that I’m home from a busy year of touring (for a month anyways), I plan to edit a lot of the videos I’ve shot over the past year or so, and feature one per week, so make sure to subscribe for updates.

Merry Christmas! Biblical Burlesque!

Photo by Francine Daveta

Photo by Francine Daveta

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I hope you have a day filled with the magic of the season, filled with quality time with family, friends and loved ones, and of course, eating too much good food and relaxing! Yesterday my dear friend Joshua Katcher taught me how to make my fave Jewish treat, rugelach, with a family recipe he’s veganized!  So delicious. Now that my Christmas baking is all done,  it’s time for me to sit back and stuff myself!

I will be working off that delicious baking by attempting ice skating for the first time in MANY years today…now that my giant bruise from learning to ski earlier this month has finally faded.  This has been my year for learning winter sports, we’ll see how successful that is, ha!  To see pictures of my vintage ski suit, find me on Instagram: @Bettina_May

I’ll leave you with a video of my live performance with One World Symphony earlier this fall.  Nothing is more (in)appropriate for the holidays than a burlesque interpretation of the bible’s story of Samson and Delilah, set to Saint-Saëns Danse Bacchanale!  Happy Holidays!

Behind The Velvet Curtain Photos

Last month’s edition of Behind The Velvet Curtain was so much fun, and I’m so glad Time Out New York sent Filip Wolak to shoot the event!  We had a special guest, LA dance sensation Lux La Croix in town, amazing us with her killer choreography:

Lux by FilipWolak

Lux by FilipWolak

The always hilarious Albert Cadabra hosted, keeping the crowd cheering

Albert by FilipWolak

Albert by FilipWolak

I had a blast doing my fave summertime number, my Tiki Fan Dance!

Bettina by FilipWolak

Bettina by Filip Wolak

Thanks also to boylesque star Mr. Gorgeous for his amazing crab dance, and Strawberry Fields making her Behind The Velvet Curtain debut!!  Making the night complete was DJ Ceremony, who I’m excited to say will be joining us at next Monday’s show as well!  To see the rest of the photos, check out the slide show by clicking here!

If you’ll be in the New York area on Monday, please come down to Beauty Bar to see this month’s lineup, featuring Amsterdam burlesque star Xarah, Go-Go Harder, Maine Attraction, myself, and it’s hosted by NYC chanteuse Dulce De Leche!


Trouble at the El Cortez

So one of the things I like about summer is that my schedule slows down a bit and I set aside time to work on fun creative projects.  This week I was finally able to start work editing a video I shot in Las Vegas back during the Viva Las Vegas weekender, when I was having a weekend-long slumber party with Ms. Redd and Banbury Cross and catching up with my dear friend LouLou D’vil.  Our friend Jonathan Joffe, who created the film Burlesque Assassins was also in town, and suggested that LouLou and I make another video like our Bettie Page/Tempest Storm tributes we’d made the year before, and so I started working on a plan for something along the lines of a Russ Meyer tribute, with us in our new Secrets In Lace lingerie that we had just modeled in their fashion show at VIva, and with LouLou’s love The Baron as our villain!  With music from two of my fave bands, Hank and Lily and The Sandworms adding ambiance, I set to work putting together our fun little romp, and hope you enjoy it too!  Thanks to Jonathan for helping me with filming, and to all my friends for being SO much fun!

Trouble At El Cortez by Bettina May from Bettina May on Vimeo.

July 4th celebrations start tonight!

Bettina VS Albert Cadabra

Bettina VS Albert Cadabra

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Actually, I started celebrating on Monday this week with my monthly show at Beauty Bar, Behind The Velvet Curtain, which actually fell on Canada Day this year, my native country’s national holiday!  Albert Cadabra, the host, made sure to represent the USA in a big way, and of course it led to a friendly post-show wrestling match with us wearing national team colours!  Thanks to Mr. Gorgeous for making my amazing custom Maple Leaf bathing suit!

Tonight starts off a string of 7 shows over 8 days before I head up to Canada for a cross country roadtrip and tour!  I’m getting a jump start on the 4th with Dances of Vice‘s Nuit Blanche at a lovely French restaurant in the Meatpacking District called Beaumarchais.  Tomorrow I’m excited to be in a Dances of Vice special event for the holiday, the Rockabilly Night Market!  There will be a fun photobooth, lots of cool vendors, bands, car show, BBQ, burlesque and more!  I hope folks get Friday off so they can recover after this much fun!  I’ll be doing two performances throughout the night, so if you’re in NYC come say hi!


I’m going to be in a fabulous show Uptown on Saturday too, Gotham Burlesque!  It’s at Stage 72, on 72nd Street, and the cast is amazing!  I’m so honoured to be in such company!  For more details on these and the rest of my shows, over the next week, go to